Angela Merkel: an era ends, she comes out defeated in Assia

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel who has decided for over a decade of German politics, has been defeated at the last regional elections in the Assia region.                                                                                                                                                                                               She said that at the end of her mandate, in 2021, she will not candidate herself agen.

What happen in specific?

Germany, Assia
Germany, Assia

In the German region, Assia took place the regional elections and the results are not very favorable to the chancellor. In fact his party, CDU (Christian Democratic Union.), has lost 10 points. This happens after the last defeat, which took place in Bavaria, where they have 37.4% of the votes. This figure is down 12% from 4 years ago, when there were the last elections.

what did Angela Merkel say?

The chancellor has said, during a news conference today in Berlin, that she will leave any kind of office and will not try to take any of them at European level. These are the words:

“this fourth term is my last term as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the next Bundestag election in 2021, I will not run again as Chancellor. I will not run for the German Bundestag any more, and I do not want any other political office.”

He also said that there is a greater government fragility than once and she is not sure that it will last until the end of the mandate. Given that his ally, the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) could come out for the alliance and bring down the majority. In fact, the shadow of future elections becomes more and more tangible.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel


Angela Merkel became the German chancellor in 2005, the first woman in German history. Successively he managed to beat the record of 4 mandates in a row, hard to beat. He has also been president of the Cdu for 18 years, since 2000.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

who will succeed her?

With the end of his political career at the end of the government mandate in 2021 and the non-candidacy for the presidency of the CDU, the race officially opens to take her place as party secretary and all his future commitments and positions.
There would be 2 contenders: probably the former leader of the CDU (reported by the newspaper Dpa, according to sources inside the party) Friedrich Merz and the current secretary general of the CDU, Hermann Gröhe.


Who will win 2? How long will the current government last? Who will be the next to cancel?

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