National museum of Brazil

Brazil, one of the biggest museum on fire

A huge fire destroys one of the most important museums in Brazil; about 20 million dated artefacts from the Brazilian imperial era. We can understand the damage from the ex-direcor of the museum who said: “nothing will remain” and he does not even know if the institution of the museum will remain.

Many people went around the structure to see the fire and some of them cried as they see the flames that took the museum away.

Marco Aurelio, who worked for nine years in the museum, told that this was one of the most important museum in Latin America and “everything is finished. Our work, our life was all in there.”


Museum of Rio de Janeiro
Museum of Rio de Janeiro


The deputy director accuses the governament of lack of support that led to the tragic accident


The structure of the museum was the home of the royal familiy of Portugal and it was found in on june 6 in 1818 by one of it’s member João VI.






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