Interview, CEO of the biggest society in Italy for organic fertilizers

This is the interview to the CEO, of the biggest society in Italy for the production of organic and organ-mineral fertilizers.

He’s name is Giorgio Cappellari and from several yers manages Fomet with huge success. Bringing it from a little firm unknow to, with few employees to big company with a turnover of €21,290,000 and a profit of €1,919,000.

This is a video interview were we asked questions from the future of the society to tips for the young people.

Terrible tsunami in Indonesia, at least 168 dead and 745 injured

During the last night, a terrible tsunami hit the Sonda Strait in Indonesia. Consequently were killed at least at least 168 dead, 745 injured and 30 missing at time of writing. Seems like there are no foreign victims. Consequently, the authorities report that the number is destined to rise.                                                                                                                    The wall of water would have shot down with a total height of about 20 meters.

damage to the infrastructure

This natural disaster has destroyed not a small amount of house, about 558 houses and very ruined, 9 hotels, 60 restaurants and 350 boats

The result of the Indonesian tsunami
The result of the Indonesian tsunami

stage and band overwhelmed during the performance

He had a sad outcome in the evening where the employees of the state company Pln had met to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Consequently, as the videos on the net show, the tsunami has overwhelmed them and many of these have come to a better life. This along with the bassist, and the manager of the rock band Seventeen. In contrast, 4 other members are now missing.


why there was no warning?

Unfortunately, there was no alarm about the arrival of the natural disaster. for the reason that:


“We used to know that a tsunami happens after an earthquake. There was no quake last night. That is why there was no warning,” he said referring to the underwater landslides.

Cause of the Indonesian tsunami

The meteorological and geological agency Indonesian reported that:

Seems like, the tsunami is the response to different landslides, caused by a vulcanic eruption.


Past disasters

The tremendous tsunami in Indonesia, along with many other natural disasters that have recently broken down, are bringing the country to its knees or otherwise in serious difficulty. For example, after a earthquake of the magnitude of 7.5, happens a tsunami. The total victim from the quake is about 2,000.


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Brazil, one of the biggest museum on fire

A huge fire destroys one of the most important museums in Brazil; about 20 million dated artefacts from the Brazilian imperial era. We can understand the damage from the ex-direcor of the museum who said: “nothing will remain” and he does not even know if the institution of the museum will remain.

Many people went around the structure to see the fire and some of them cried as they see the flames that took the museum away.

Marco Aurelio, who worked for nine years in the museum, told that this was one of the most important museum in Latin America and “everything is finished. Our work, our life was all in there.”


Museum of Rio de Janeiro
Museum of Rio de Janeiro


The deputy director accuses the governament of lack of support that led to the tragic accident


The structure of the museum was the home of the royal familiy of Portugal and it was found in on june 6 in 1818 by one of it’s member João VI.






Iphone 11, there will be 3 versions: Low cost, Normal and Plus

From the indescriptions we understand that there will be 3 types of iphone 11 that will be presented Tuesday, September 11:

  • Low cost 
  1. cheaper version
  2. 6,1 inch
  3. LCD (not OLED) screen
  4. 700€
  •  Iphone XI
  1. Successor
  2.  5,8 inch
  3. OLED screen
  4. 800-900€
  • Iphone XI plus 
  1. Plus version
  2.  6,5 inch
  3. OLED screen
  4. 900-1.000€

News (tutte indescrizioni e potrebberp variare in base al modello)

  • Maybe 5G
  • Chip A12, 20% faster e -40% of energy required
  • Camera with more than 12 megapixels
  • Wireless charging more than 5 meters away
  • IP68, resistant to water and dust (before it has just the certificate for sketches only) as the Galaxy S9
  • 3 cameras (maybe)

Galaxy note 9


Foto del Galaxy Note e del S pen
Photo of the Galaxy Note and the S pen

  • New Galaxy Note 9 presented
  • Presented on August 9th in New York
  • It starts from € 1,029 up to € 1,279

The galaxy notes more expensive than ever, presented on August 9 in New York has a base price of € 1,029 for 128GB / 6GB RAM and € 1,279 for 512GB / 8GB RAM.

More valuable specifications:

  • The battery can last even one day
  • You can have a network speed of 1.2 gbps,
  • Compared to the note 8 has a CPU faster than 53% -GPU 23%
  • Possible to extend 512GB memory
  • Dual Sim (allows you to have 2 numbers)
  • AKG stereo speakers
  • Dispersion of heat more efficient
  • IP68 certification (resistant to water and dust)
  • Face recognition