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  • Top 10 strangest and innovative products at CES 2019.

    What and when is CES 2019?   The 2019 International CES began on Tuesday, 8 January and ends on Friday, 11 January. It’s been taking place since 1967 and is staged by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), a trade organization that represents over 2,000 consumer tech companies in the U.S. Though it gets a lot of attention from the […]

    The Top 10 most beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

    Here are the most beautiful Christmas trees of 2018 and yesteryear! 1. THE PAPER CHRISTMAS TREE, GALERIES LAFAYETTE (PARIS). The Frozen theme is still going strong. Hence, Galeries Lafayette’s chosen Christmas décor for 2016. The biggest department store in Paris and the only one sporting an Art Nouveau, 100-century old dome 43 metres up, Galeries Lafayette […]


    Dna as hard disk of the future

    The choice of the Dna would seem due to its ultra-compact aspect and his effectiveness of storage. In fact the relationship between quantity of the information and  the space occupied it would seem of big long superior to the actual methods of data storage. Other fundamental factor would revert in the ability of its molecules, preserved in […]

    Fomet S.p.A.

    Interview, CEO of the biggest society in Italy for organic fertilizers

    This is the interview to the CEO, of the biggest society in Italy for the production of organic and organ-mineral fertilizers. He’s name is Giorgio Cappellari and from several yers manages Fomet with huge success. Bringing it from a little firm unknow to, with few employees to big company with a turnover of €21,290,000 and […]

    Xiaomi's foldable phone

    Xiaomi, the co-founder shows the new folding phone

    The co-founder of the Chinese company, Xiaomi, has been on a video where he shows off the new folding phone of the company. We do not We do not know yet if this model will be released on the market and wyen. Homewere, semmes like if it is gonna be in the late 2019 Xiaomi-Competitors […]

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    The Tax billets on CR7

    The case was closed between Ronaldo and the Spanish tax authorities. In the life of Cristiano Ronaldo there are not only family, training and goals but also legal processes, which have been going on for years, difficult to forget. One of these cases and, perhaps, the most noisy of all (since the crimes date back […]

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

    Galaxy S10 E, the low cost model of Samsung

    The South Korean society, Samsung is not going too much well. Due to the minor earnings expeted from the model Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + models. Furthermore, there is the Chinese company, Huawei which is going really well, is in the second position of the total seller of smartphone, behind Samsung. Consequently, the South […]


    Instagram “accidental” update, why people are freaking out

    On Thursday, Instagram “accidental” update it’s social network app, with its 1 billion monthly active users. The Instagram update completely change  the way we use it. Because we are accustomed to navigate through the post, the feed with an vertical swipe. In contrast, with the “accidental” (quotation marks explained below) update, to navigate through the feed you have to […]


    Top 10 most visited monuments in the world

    The Colosseum is the most visited monument of 2018. This year has indeed obtained both a record of bookings and visitors; in particular the latter were 7.4 million, about 5.7% more than last year while the bookings are also record-breaking; The Colosseum is the most popular and sought-after attraction in all of 2018. As proof […]


    Singapore rating has such an high grade, why?

    The city-state Singapore has a very elevate debt/ GDP, 112% but has still the highest rating that a country can achive, AAA. In contrast for what the IFM say, that when the rapport between the GDP and the debt is over the 100%, that’s not very good. This is true but there are exceptions like the Singapore […]

    Tsunami in Indonesia

    Terrible tsunami in Indonesia, at least 168 dead and 745 injured

    During the last night, a terrible tsunami hit the Sonda Strait in Indonesia. Consequently were killed at least at least 168 dead, 745 injured and 30 missing at time of writing. Seems like there are no foreign victims. Consequently, the authorities report that the number is destined to rise.               […]

    poster of the film Avengers: Infinity War

    Top 10 films that have grossed more in the history of cinema

    Who does not like to see a film accompanied by coke and popcorn with friends, in solitude, in the family or with the person you like? If you are looking for possible movie to see at home, in this article you will be shown the 10 films with the most grossing of all time, at […]