Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy S10 E, the low cost model of Samsung

The South Korean society, Samsung is not going too much well. Due to the minor earnings expeted from the model Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + models. Furthermore, there is the Chinese company, Huawei which is going really well, is in the second position of the total seller of smartphone, behind Samsung. Consequently, the South Korean society is trying to change it’s way of doing. This by creates more variants of the same model, the Galaxy S10. This version will be low cost in contrast with the originl one. In fact it’s name is Galaxy S10 E.

Galaxy S10 lite – general characteristics

A good part of this news arrived thanks to Ice universe, which is well-know for it’s good leaks.

Galaxy S10 E – Features

We put these this characteristics, in prons and cons but there are not good or wrong. Because it depends to person to person, in base to your necessity:

The Galaxy S10 E will have different nice features but too negative’s.


front hole

In the same vein, this depends to person to person. I know it is different, it changes not less the way we use the smartphone. Because having literaly a hole in the phone like the Huawei Nova 4, But, maybe it can be a change in good.


Smaller than other the model

This is more comfortable for the utilization with one hand or just in the daily use. In contrast if you like the commodity of watching your phone on a big screen, we do not recomend the Galaxy S10 Ee to you.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy S10 lite – when it will exits?

Like always, Samsung will present it’s smartphone during the Mobile World Congress 2019, in Barcelona. Moreover, the date should be the february 20th. Consequently, if this date will be confirmed, the Galaxy S10 E will be released on the market in the second half of March.

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