Iran, attack on military parade

Iran attempt

on 22 September 2018 there was a parade in the south-west of the country to celebrate the anniversary of the invasion of Iran by Saddam Hussein. During this event, a group of men opened fire behind a forum.                                                                         This caused  33 dead and 53 wounded. Among the dead there would be 8 elite corps of the Revolutionary Guards and 5 terrorists would also have been killed.

Iran parade attack
Iran parade attack


According to Iranian state TV, the assailants would have had “takfir elements”, which is a way to define ISIS supporters.


The place where the attack took place was in Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan. This atempt happen ab.out a year after the Isis militia attack against the Iranian parliament and the Theran mausoleum.                                                                                           This region is very rich in oil and has been the site of some clashes between Iran and Iraq during the war.

Map of Khuzestan province
Map of Khuzestan province


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