River Plate: the Libertadores is yours!!

River Boca: summary of tragic events.

The game sees a more proactive Boca Juniors in the first minutes: Pablo Perez half-turned over immediately commits Franco Armani, but the Argentine national team is ready.

The River tries to baste the maneuver and raises the center of gravity: madness, because on the restart Boca with two touches is lethal.

Nahitan Nandez launches with an assist worthy of the ticket price Dario Benedetto, who with a beautiful touch makes out the last defender and leans with icy coldness behind Armani. Deadly counterattack and Boca Junior took the lead in the 41st minute: needless to say that the Bernabeu is a Dantesque pit. Deserved the advantage of Boca that showed more spirit and conviction.

At 67 ‘comes the draw of the River, all to be redone for Boca. The goal has the merit of making the game again balanced. However, with the passing of the minutes, fear has the upper hand and without notable occasions we go to extra time.

And it is in fact in the second extra time that the River with the new entry Quintero finds the goal that makes the Bernabeu explode. Finally, the coup de grace of the River could not be missing, which at the 121 ‘find the decisive goal before the triple whistle.

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River-Boca: news and decisions

River-Boca, the day everyone was waiting for. But no, it has not been played. Because of the pre-match unrest. The attack on the Boca bus, the players hit by the stinging gas launched by the police to disperse the crowd. In short, chaos. But let’s try to put order and try to understand what happened.


The moment of the River Plate fans attacked the Boca bus:



The Alarm

Boca arrives at the stadium, and it soon becomes clear that there are no conditions to play at the scheduled time. Tevez is not well others vomit in the locker room.


Huawei Nova 4, the first phone with a hole

The impresion gives by the Chinese society, is to push hard on the production of the Huawei Nova 4.
In fact the Ch are moving very fast to beat it’s South Korean rival, Samsung not only in the folding smartphone. So, to be the first company to comercializare a phone with a hole.

Huawei Nova 4

We know these information by the official video trailer pubblished only on the Chinese plastform, Weibo.

The rear of Huawei Nova 4 would looks like the mdel Huawei P20 Pro. Due to the, over the general similarity, it has a three-camera configuration. Seems like, it would have too a HiSilicon Kirin 980 or a HiSilicon Kirin 710 processor.
Certainly, these are not official information from Huawei but leaks.

Huawei Nova 4

The Huawei Nova 4 will be shown to the public on the 17th December.

Huawei Nova 4
leak of a probablu Huawei Nova 4

For more informations and updates to Huawei Nova 4 and not only
stay tuned to Yeeders!

            Also samsung in the race


It is years that Samsung claims the existence of a smartphone incorporated with a hole. In fact it would be ready for show to the public but we do not know the date.
The main features, the Infinity-O display. In the left side of the panel.
Furthermore, the screen would be 6.3 inches, full  Full HD+. In contrast with the Huawei Nova 4,  the Galaxy A8s will have a Snapdragon 710 of Qualcomm, by 6 GB of RAM. Similarly to the Nova 4, it will set a triple camera on the back. Moreover, the front amere will probabbly have a risolution of 24MPx.                                                                                                     All of this will have a battery of 3.400 mAh, with a support for the fast charging. Moreover there will be a port USB-C.
To close everything in beauty will be fingerprint reader and the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system with Samsung Experience.


Regarding the bitten apple. Seems like Cupertino is not trying to crates an IPhone like the Samsung and Huawei’s one.

The Top 10 most beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

Here are the most beautiful Christmas trees of 2018 and yesteryear!



The Frozen theme is still going strong. Hence, Galeries Lafayette’s chosen Christmas décor for 2016. The biggest department store in Paris and the only one sporting an Art Nouveau, 100-century old dome 43 metres up, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann turned to artist Lorenzo Papace to build art with an environmental and social reach.

The tree is made entirely of recycled paper, while a representation of bears and cubs shows them abandoning their crib on the North Pole in search of a new ice pack that has not melted yet.

Shoppers can also empathize with the polar bears’ plight by way of a virtual trip on the second floor of the store, where they can download the free app for Android and iOS and watch the mall magically transform into a swirl of snow and paper animals.



You can build everything out of LEGO, including a 450,000 bricks full, 3500 kilograms heavy Christmas tree.Ryan NcNaught has been in charge of putting the Southern Hemisphere on Santa’s map this year by erecting a towering LEGO tree to put other evergreens to shame. The creator and his team of LEGO builders invested some 1200 hours into creating a Christmas phenomenon.

The man is a rare breed, just like his tree. Ryan McNaught is one of only 14 LEGO Certified Professionals in the world. His 10m tall Christmas tree has already been on a tour Down Under, in Sydney and Melbourne, but the Kiwi version includes – no surprise here – a LEGO rugby ball, a pukeko, some Kiwi, and a local kingfisher. Who says modern art doesn’t pay homage to tradition?




A spruce to rival the towering St. Peter’s Basilica was erected in St. Peter’s Square this year, as the Nativity Scene featuring 17 life-size statues focused on such heavy themes as migration and the refugees issue.

This particular tradition is not as old as the Church, as you might thing. Pope John Paul II initiated it when he imported the Christmas tree as a Northern symbol of holiday cheer and unification.



This year, the grandiose illumination of the 94-foot tall Norway spruce at the Rockefeller Center was a typically extravagant affair. On display were 50,000 multicolored LED lights, among which the invariably present Swarovski star weighing a staggering 550 pounds and numbering some 25,000 crystals.

The tradition took root in 1931, when a group of demolition workers cropped up their own Christmas on the construction site of the Rockefeller Center with a 20-foot tall balsam fir.




You don’t have to wait for the cherry blossoms to light up Japan in magical colors when you have a Guinness record holder for “Most lights on an artificial X-mas tree”.

550,000 lights make for quite a dazzler on the Island of the Rising Sun. It’s no surprise the Japanese have managed to yet again hold the trophy for most ribbons, sparkle and glamour on Christmas. Snow may be a rare sight on this tip of the island, but it’s the sixth year Osaka’s Christmas tree has earned this title.



Another Christmas miracle? Floating on a barge in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, the Brazilian Christmas tree made a spectacular appearance in 2014 on a background of a dazzling show of fireworks.

The 279-foot high mammoth tree blinked with the power of 3.3 million micro light bulbs, which reflected brilliantly in the waters of the South American lagoon.




Another eyecatcher that may have accounted for many missed trains and canceled meetings, the Disney Christmas Tree set up in London’s St. Pancras train station was stuffed with 45-foot high worth of fluffy toys. The Disney characters ran the gamut from the classics Mickey, Ariel, and Dumbo to the more modern Elsa from the movie Frozen.




Keeping up with a seven century-old tradition, the Island of Murano brings glassware to life with their creative decorations. Of course, Christmas is crossed off the list when the glass blowers set up for work.

Every year, the Natale di Vetro, or Christmas in Glass hosts an elegant Christmas tree entirely made of Murano glass. Fortunately, the winds are mild on this side of Venice, so the tree will not shatter too easily.



Once upon a time, there was a tree that could fulfill all desires. And you could find it no farther than at the V&A Museum in London. A modern spin-off on an Indian classic “tree of life”, the Kalpataru design piece by a couple of Delhi artists stood its ground amid various other masterpieces on display.

Handcrafted beaten brass was the primary material used in the making of the postmodern Kalpataru, while the colored motifs depicted scenes from the Indian mythical scene and Diwali celebrations.



With a 40.4% Christian population, Lebanon has certainly made it to the big league of the most beautiful Christmas trees of all times.

Every year, Byblos is home to an architectural masterpiece that springs up in the square of the world’s oldest port just in time for Santa and his gift-heavy sleigh. Last year’s design kept true to Lebanese local tradition while incorporating elements reminiscent of the tricky rocks hidden in the port’s waters and the sailing skills of the people.

The rule does not say that the most beautiful Christmas trees need to have blossomed from tiny seedlings in the ground. On the contrary, it’s the human spirit and creativity that pours into the design and oversees that an evergreen remains so on a floating barge in Brazil or a train station in London.

The ten strangest things you can find on Amazon

Amazon, one of the best online online sales sites around the world where you can meet everything from Iphone to meat
of unicorn.
Exactly, you read correctly.
And with this article we will present you the 10 most strange and fun products you can find on Amazon.

1° Unicorn canned meat

Unicorn meat
Unicorn meat

Do you want to eat something new, but that is not too digestive?

Well with this product you will have the opportunity to eat real unicorn meat.

You will feel the magic at every bite.


2° Dragon meat



If you do not care about the unicorn meat, you can always try the dragon meat.

At the end of the meal you can warm up your cold winter evenings.


3° The cat horn


You’ve always wanted to have a unicorn, but do you love cats? With this product you can finally fulfill your wishes.

Perhaps you will make your cat happy too.


4° Roswell UFO crash site soil (with certificate of authenticity)

For all lovers of ufology is also found (to a ridiculous figure if you think about the historical and scientific value of the thing), the ground where it impacted the flying saucer of Roswell.

All accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

5° Microphone toilet brush


Thanks to this product all you cleaning lovers you can practice singing to become perfect singers


The boyfriend pillow


For all the people who miss their boyfriend in bed while he is at work or outside the city.


7° The alarm-gun

Gun Target Alarm Desk Clock Gadget / A Funny Game Mode to Let You Enjoy Shooting Practise

For those who do not have a good aim or hates alarms, now they can solve this problem with the gun alarm clock.


Esoteric candle for love sortileges

candela esoterica per l' Amore

 Has your boyfriend dropped you or have you just been friendzed?
Thank you has this candle Love will come right away


Appliance for hunting the ghosts

K-II Enterprise - Dispositivo elettromagnetico per caccia ai fantasmi con interruttore On/Off

While you’re setting up home alone and you hear strange noises from another room?

Well, with this product you can finally solve this unexpected becoming a true ghostbuster.

10° Nothing: for those who already have everything


Do you think you have everything you need?

With this product, nothing, you can finally have it all.


Youtube Rewind 2018 is the second most disliked video of ever

cover of Youtube Rewind 2018

Towards the end of each year, Youtube publishes a 7-8 minute video in which it summarizes the major moments of the year. So the most watched videos, the youtuber that have grown more, amateur videos of poor quality but that generated a great fanfare. This tradition takes place since far 2010, when the first Youtube Rewind was published.


Youtube Rewind 2018 has reached the enormous number of 7.2 million dislike against the 2 million likes at the time of writing.
This is the second video ever released on this platform by number of dislike. Only the music video of the song by Justin Bieber of 2010 has been able to do better. The beauty of 9,7 million dislike even if it counts on 10 million likes, which is different than the Rewiend’s video. Further, Justin’s video takes 8 years to achieve this “great” goal instead Rewiend just three day!


                  Pewdiepie’s reaction

The youtuber with more members in the world, Pewdiepie
The youtuber with more members in the world, Pewdiepie

The absence of the youtuber with more subscribers than ever has caused a sensation. The Swedish Felix Kjellberg, at the time 75,7 million subscribers.
For a few months he has been in extreme competition with the channel of an Indian corporation in the Bollywood sector. Because T-series, the Indian channel has tried to unseat the field being charged. So you can become the first channel for subscribers. Although for now always that Pewdiepie has rejected the attack.
However, Felix did not hide the displeasure of not being invited, like last year.

With these very bitter words, he talks about how Rewiend no longer represents the key moments of a year as it once was: 

I remember Rewind, it was something cool to be a part of

 So disconnected with the community and its creators

If you are curious, here there are he major absences:

  •  Pewdiepie
  • T-series
  •  Ksi
  • Logan Paul
  • Jake Paul
  •  Comedyshortgamer
  • Joe Weller- Colleen Ballinger
  • Joe Sugg- and a lot of other absences

On the other hand there are somebody that think Youtube Rewind 2018 was a great video. This because you will never make it to put all the artists in a single video that does not last too long. For example, in his defense the youtuber TomSka, with 5 million subscribers.


And you? What do you think of this story? Write in the comments your opinion!

Dna as hard disk of the future

The choice of the Dna would seem due to its ultra-compact aspect and his effectiveness of storage. In fact the relationship between quantity of the information and  the space occupied it would seem of big long superior to the actual methods of data storage. Other fundamental factor would revert in the ability of its molecules, preserved in their natural habitat, to stay stable in the time so that the information can hand down without suffering mutations. Unthinkable situation with the actual technologies.

Hard Disk.

The research and the obtained results.

New York Genome Center.

The first studies  started in 2012 and have been conducted by some researchers of the university in Harvard. The data storage has happened following the conversion of the contained binary information in the digital data (0 and 1) in the contained quaternary information in the Dna, represented by the nucleotide bases ( A, T, G and C). 
The job conducted to Harvard has served as a starter to further scientific examinations. For example collaboration between Dina Zielinski of  the New York Genome Center and Yaniv Erlic of Columbia University, the storage of the data inside the Dna would not have more secret. 
The two researchers have announced that they have individualized the algorithm, denominated “Dna fountain”, that allows a complete conversion of the data. They have succeeded to get a process without errors and 60% more efficient in comparison to the preceding results.

We are speaking of 215.000.000 gigabytes in a gram of Dna.

The warehouse in the Dna to study the cellular evolution.

The neuroscientist Seth Shipman, together with his group of job has shown that it is possible to insert an image or a video inside the Dna of a living organism. They have succeeded in codifying a GIF, that represents a man to the gallop, of 36 x26s pixel  inside the bacterium E. Coli.

Gif: Seth Shipman/Nature Research

Now we provide information on the Dna that we know. We want to record information that we don’t know. One day we could highly follow all the passages from a stem cell to a specialized type highly of cells of the brain, bringing so to a best understanding of  the biological trials  and how they are coordinated.

Luka Modric won the 2018 gold ball

This year is Luka Modric to get on stage to get the golden ball, this football year is his!

It wasn’t enough the failure to win the World Cup (even if they came second) to snatch the most coveted trophy from players around the world and, after a year spent running, to score and carry on the team, the effort suffered along with moments of disappointment he finally repaid.

From eleven years until now, the gold ball has always been assigned to Ronaldo or Messi, has always been contested between them; well this year it is up to Luka Modric who can finally break the duopoly and take the prize that is due.


It can be considered a deserved victory: the Croatian player won with a difference of 300 points on the second, they are not few.

Now let’s take a look at the ranking:

1. Luka Modric (CRO / Real Madrid) 753 punti

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (POR / Juventus) 476 punti

3. Antoine Griezmann (FRA / Atletico Madrid) 414 punti

4. Kylian Mbappé (FRA / PSG) 347 punti

5. Leo Messi (ARG / Barcellona) 280 punti


Second appears CR7 that, after a World Championship ended too soon, decides to change team, moving to Juventus; Third, the world champion Griezmann appears, who after an incredible World Championship and an excellent season perhaps deserved more! In fourth place we find Mbappè, also back from an excellent season but perhaps too young for this trophy; finally fifth place Messi, who after a disastrous World Cup managed to lift his head just playing in Barcelona!


NASA choose 9 private companies for return to the Moon

 That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Almost 50 years have passed since that day, and now the governmental agency, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) wants to return the man to the moon.                                                                                             due to this, it’s goal is to return to the moon and stay there. So consequently, in order to achieve this objective, they will first of all cite an orbiting space station similar to the current ISS, but will orbit around our satellite. Furthermore they are gonna build, by the first half of 2030, a permanent basis on the Moon. So, humans will be able to live there for a prolonged time.

Private companies

American astronaut
American astronaut

To accomplish these goals, NASA has selected 9 private companies:

  •  Lockheed Martin
  • Astrobotic, Moon Express
  • Masten Space Systems
  • Deep Space Systems
  • Draper, Firefly Aerospace
  • Intuitive Machines
  • Orbit Beyond

NASA‘s plan is to give a great impulse to the American aerospace sector. So, the SMD (Science Mission Directorate) of NASA, selected some society USA, base on their potential and not on their knowledge and economy “power”. Consequently the Jeff Bezos’s and Elon Musk’s companies, (Blue Origin and SpaceX) they have not been chosen. For the reason that they are already strong and well established in the industry and with a growing business. In contrast the other’s need a boost for become a big. Indeed, some of there 9 society has never did a launch in the space.

These companies will be in constant competition with each other to be chosen by NASA. This is because every mission that will be made will be committed to one of these societies, not all of them.

Initially they are gonna compete to send technological and scientific tools. Certainly NASA will work with the 9 companies proposing CLP contracts (Commercial Lunar Payload Services).



People connected to the 9 companies
People connected to the 9 companies

NASA’s agenda for 2018

The agenda of NASA is full of new missions, from the delivery of a robot on the Mars surface to the Solar Park Probe that will fly closer than ever before to the Sun. Furthermore, here below you can watch a video on the NASA’s agenda, posted on their official Youtube channel.




How a man is selling moon and becoming rich

How it started everything

Maybe you don’t know but all the planets in the solar system (earth escaped) are property of one single man, Mr. Dennis Hope. All begin when the UK, US and USSR signed a treaty in 1967: United Nations Outer Space Treaty , that claimed no state has the right to claim any land or space outside the earth.

Consequently, the American Dennis Hope understood that this did not prohibit to private individuals and companies from owning extra-terrestrial land. So, he registered all the planets and satellites in the solar system as his own, except the Earth.
According to the American legislature you can register anything as yours. This as long as it’s not someone else’s.

Further, he creates the website where you can buy from the following planets: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and in it’s entirety, Pluto.

 Mr. Dennis Hope
Mr. Dennis Hope

Then he wrote to the UN (United Nations) and other country, that he was going to carve up and sell the planets (and satellites) in the solar system and if they had something have something against it. Then, no one answered him, so according to the “law” who is silent allows, he goes on. Certainly, we know he wrote this letters, besides the fact that it may not have even done but we can only vaguely imagine the enormity of letters that the ON and other country will receive every day.

Further, he creates the website where you can buy from the following planets: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and in its entirety, Pluto. Here you can visit the site!

The territory have too a modest price, about $25 for acre! 

To sum up, this man find a legal shortcut and now he is making a lot of money.

Dennis Hope shows the lunar lands sold
Dennis Hope shows the lunar lands sold

The Moon Treaty


the moon treaty
the moon treaty

One thing that makes this girder less legal is the Treaty of the Moon. An agreement that sets laws for all celestial bodies including the impossible for a private or an organization (except for international and governmental ones) to own any type of extraterrestrial property.                                                                                                                                                                               However, this treaty is considerably weakened since many of the main aerospace powers have not ratified it but perhaps only signed it as France.


The curious happen in 2004, after he puts under his ownership all the planets and satellites of the solar system. Because It has established its independence by formulating a new state: the Galactic Government.
“Democratic republic that represents extraterrestrial landowners with a ratified constitution, a congress, unit of currency and even its own patent office” (the same words from their site). Click here to find the document!

They have too a flag:

Flag of the Galactic Government
Flag of the Galactic Government 

Some numbers

According to what is written on their site, they would have sold about 611 million acres on the Moon and other properties on Mars, Venus, Mercury and IO but without giving a specific number for them.

Who buys this stuff?

The former president Jimmy Carter
The former president Jimmy Carter

According to their website, they would have sold these acres to three former president: George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan” and over 675 well-known celebrities

P.S. Here you can find their Facebook page!

‘Amazon will go bankrupt’, CEO shock announcement

Amazon is a US electronic commerce,the biggest internet company in the world. Likewise it has a USD 177.9 billion (2017) revenue and 3 bilions of profit in in growth of 30% and over 600,000 employees.

What happen?

the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos
the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Arousing the shock response of the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is a questtion. During a meeting heard by CNBC.

A employee asked him about the future of his company after the failure of the world’s largest retail chain, Sears.                                                                                      Consequently Bezos replied that

Amazon is not too big to fail – in fact, I predict one day Amazon will fail”        

If you look at large companies, their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years.”

Moreover, Jeff have you that if Amazon starts to think about herself and not to customers. Consequently then it will be the beginning of the end:

If we start to focus on ourselves, instead of focusing on our customers, that will be the beginning of the end,” he said in the recording.


To sum up, Amazon will fail and the goal of its Jeff Bezos is to delay this date as much as possible

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos
The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos