The psychotropic honey hunters and why there won’t be much longer

Himalayan overhangs
Himalayan overhangs

We are in Nepal, here there are the Himalayan giant bees, the largest in the world.

These bees have the peculiarity that on spring, produce a psychotropic honey. This because these insects go to feed themselves on flowers which ih this periods produce a toxins (grayanotoxin) that consequently went into the honey, that so take the name of red or crazy.  


nepal's honeycombs
Nepal’s honeycombs

The brave hunters are from the population of Kulung. Their task is to climb up steep rock faces, up to 100 meters.                       After that they, without any special harness or protection (in fact they got between 20-40 bites), detach honeycombs set in the rock, with a weight of about 132 – 154 libre. Unfortunately, only one of the hunter remained. His name is Mauli Dhan Rai, he is 58 years old and has been practicing this activity since the age of 16.

One of the things that drives hunters to risk their lives every time is their value side. Infact on the clandestine market have a value between 60 and 80 dollars a pound.

National Geographic Channel

To tell this incredible story, National Geographic Channel and The North Face have made a documentary film. This product will be released in theaters in 2018 and will be called “The Last Honey Hunter”.

Here you can see a short video that shows a behind the scenes of the recordings.

Effects of the honey


The effects can vary from person to person and also depending on the season. That is to say that it can go from a slight intoxicating sensation or it can also act as a medicine, as people in the village do. Or it can lead to sensations that are anything but pleasant, such as strong rejection (vomit or diarrhea), temporary blindness and one can remain in a conscious state but paralyzed for several hours.

Future of the bees

As we said Mauli is the last remaining hunter and no one is more willing to take his place. As a result that the people prefer to move to the city.
Furthermore, the total number of bees is falling. As a result of the choice of the Nepalese government to adopt a less environmental line.
For now the bees are there and will continue to be there but we pre-fuck the how much…

How to find out if your diamond is false?


How to understand if a diamond is false

There are some methods to understand if a diamond is false, so: let’s see them:

  • breath test



If you breath on the diamond and check two things can happen:

1  The diamond is false because it is steamy
2  Diamond is true because it is not steamy, because of its natural ability to quickly disperse heat.

  • The “reading” test

The newspaper test
The newspaper test

This test is very easy and there are 2 different ways for understand if the diamond is a fake:
Newpaper test: puts your diamond over a page of a newspaper upside down. Due to it’s structure you will not be able to see something but in case you see letters or a sort of them, we have a bed news for you… 

The "point" test
The “point” test

Or the “point” test, draws a point and puts over it the diamond upside down and if you see the point or a sort of, seems like it is  false and probably a Zirconium (similar gem).

  • The scratch test

Scratches test
Scratches test

The diamond, two to its atomic structure, is very resistant and durable to wear. We will not see a lot of scratches.

  • The water test

The water test
The water test

This test plans to insert the diamond into some water.                                                                                                                              If it sinks then it means it is not a fake, this for the reason that the gem has a high density.                                                                     

  • The mount test

The mount test
The mount test

The diamonds have a high price and due to this they won’t inserted in a frame of little value. So you have to look for some letter and numbers. If the mount it’s in gold there will be stamp or engraving inside the ring these 10K, 14K, 18K or 585, 770, 900, and 950. likewise if the mount is in platinum you will find PT or PLAT.                                                                                            In contrast the letter C.Z. stay for zirconia and these means that probably the diamond on the ring is a fake.


  • The weight scale test

Weight scale
Weight scale

For this test you will need a very precise weight scale that can measure at least the carats. For the reason that it is possible to verify the not falsity of the diamond because the cubic zircons weight the 55% more than diamonds.                                           consequently you will need a cubic zircon, so face confrontation if the veracity of the gem without comparisons becomes very difficult. 


There are some methods that needs experts and “non-household” equipment, so let’s see some of them:

The X-ray test

The X-ray test
The X-ray test

This gem has the particularly characteristic that in a x-ray scan the diamond doesn’t appear. While materials like glass, cubic zircon and crystals appears.

  • The UV test

Diamond tester
Diamond tester

For this test you are gonna need a specific tool, the diamond tester. The gems conduct heat in different ways and this device produce hotness wheen is in contact with the stones. Subsequently the equipment will record how the temperature travels in the gem. 

For the reason that diamonds has a low heat conductivity, the machine will record a low “movement” of the hotness. Consequently you are gonna hear a “BEEP” and the light scale fills up but if this don’t happen you have a fake in your hand.


The diamond ring and the Apple Ring

Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive and the industrial designer Marc Newson has designed the construction of a ring made entirely from a diamond.
It will then eventually be sold to an auction with an auction base between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000.
the total revenue will be allocated to Resedarch to combat AIDS.


Jony Ive
Jony Ive

The ring will be created by the American society, diamond foundry for the non-profit brand (PRODUCT)RED

that help the research agents the Aids, tuberculosis and malaria through the allocation of money derived from various opacifications to the goblase fund against these diseases.

Creation and characteristics

The diamond ring
The diamond ring

To create this ring, were used vanguard technologies were used, with various tasks and teams for specific parts of the project.

The ring will be faceted with thousands of facets with some as small as several hundred micrometers.
Moreover, through a micrometric water jet the inner ring will be cylindrical, for desired beauty.

Where and when?


The auction will be held in Miami on December 5, 2018 by Sotheby’s one of the worldwide auction houses, based in the UK.

Digital Jewels

Maybe this is the future of the digital jewels, the digital rings. Infact, Cupertino has filed the Apple Ring patent in 2015.

The future “Ring” will be (maybe) control by voice and it will have display, microphone, camera, motion sensors and there will the possibility of connect it via Bluetooth or wireless.

The Apple Ring is nothing official or certified but only leaks.

China, first First newscast with artificial conductor

In China, the first newscast conducted by a virtual journalist instead of one in the flesh, has just been created. It’s called the English AI Anchor and read the news of the day; to notice the difference between him and a person is very difficult, the expressions, the voice, the posture, a perfect set that maybe out of tune.
It was created by the Chinese research company Sogou and Xinhua, the press agency of the People’s Republic of China.



This artificial conductor has a great knowledge of the human’s movements and has too the ability of the improve every single day, this thanks the deep learning.

The new Galaxy X will be presented to the MWC

The possibility that the South Korean house, launches a new top of the range like the Galaxy S10 is begins to materialize. we are talking of the new folding smartphone, Galaxy X.

It all starts with the picture of the Samsung logo folded on itself, on the official Facebook page.


Samsung will release the folding smartphone in February, during the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Spain, Barcelona. After that the South Korean house will start the sales on April of the same year.


An analyst from the Korean Times states that the new folding smartphone will cost around $ 1,850. Almost double the current cost of the Iphone Xs $ 999. Probably  as a result of the new technology or on the other hand they have raised the price soaring, using the innovative technology as an excuse too if the production cost isn’t so high related to the final price


Galaxy X
Galaxy X


  • Oled Screen 4K
  • 7.3 inches open
  • 4.5 inches folded
  • $1850

From this video from the youtube channel, Conceptsiphone


The new smartphone will most likely be called Galaxy X but turn several voices that could be a final F, the reason? maybe it’s for folding? In conclusion, we are not aware of it for now.

Folding iPhone

according to a report by a bank analyst Merrill Lynch Wamsi Mohan, Cupertino should release a foldable iphone model in about 2020. Therefore they will probably creat a “rolled up” or folded like the (maybe) the Galaxy X   


Always a South Korean company, LG has a great presence regard to the production of folding panels, being one of the main producers.
In addition, it is a company that has filed several patents with LG DIsplay (88), behind it is Samsung Display (80).
To sum up, South Korea is becoming more and more powerful reguarding the future of folding smarphones and more.

What’s AI? Narrow AI? General AI? Machine Learning?

p mFirst of all we clarify what AI (Artificial Intelligence) means. It’s the things, processes, programs that lead to create a “system” that reasons like a real human brain. As you can see there is no precise, univocal and equal for all definition. This is because the sector is very broad and there are conflicting opinions among them. however, basically it turns around is what we have described in our words.
Now things become more complicated, let’s see the different types of AI:

Narrow AI


La Narrow inteligence is a variant which has generally a limited pre-defined range of functions, it choose what to do itself, it is not no self-awareness. In fact some people call this variant, Weak AI. This for the fact that there must be always somebody that say what to do.
Some example of Narrow AI:

  • Siri
  • Cortana
  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant

General AI

General AI
General AI

The general AI is the “real” artificial inteligen according to many people. It would and will be like the human’s brain. It will be able to solve any questions, problems that the human brain can too. So, the differences beetwen General AI and Narrow Ai that the first have consciousness respect of the second. Moreover the Narrow AI (or Weak) do not have all the human cognitive abilities.

Turing Test

This is precisely a test to check if a machine is inteligence. Formulated by Alan Turing and introduced in 1950.

The Turing test is developed in this way (not to mention that many variants were added):

There is a man A, a woman B and a third person C.
The third one is separated by A and B and its task, through a series of questions, is to understand who is the woman and who is the man. Meanwhile A has the task of deceiving C, to make him believe that he is the woman and B the man. Instead B must help C to arrive at the right conclusion.

Subsequently, according to Turing, the machine would take the place of A and if the total difference of the times that C guess who is the man and the woman when there is the car and no, are similar then the machine is considered inteligente.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

The Machine Learning is the set of system used to improve an algorithm independently and constantly over time. In the past 20th century (last decades) this method

in the past This was in the last decades of the 20th century.

Deep Learning

Aplications of Deep Learning
Aplications of Deep Learning

Deep Learning makes it possible to find a pattern, a regularity within a series of data placed “randomly”.
This happens thanks to a set of algorithms and statistical techniques.

This allows for example to be able to detect obstacles along a path or visual recognition.

Neural Network

The neural network is a mathematical model composed of artificial “neurons” that simplify a biological neural network (neuron circuit).

The possible applications are multiple:
Early medical diagnosis
Meteorological forecasts
Autonomous driving
recognition of handwritten scrawls
Optimization of some industrial processes (eg quality control)
Social media (better management of posts)


Most likely in the future we will live more and more next to the AI.                                                          They will help us in many things, many are afraid that they may overwhelm us and they are right. We need to find the right balance between giving the AI ​​too much power and banning it altogether. Because, in a few years, can you imagine yourself living in a city where cars will be self-driving and fly drones around the city to adjust the roads?


Angela Merkel: an era ends, she comes out defeated in Assia

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel who has decided for over a decade of German politics, has been defeated at the last regional elections in the Assia region.                                                                                                                                                                                               She said that at the end of her mandate, in 2021, she will not candidate herself agen.

What happen in specific?

Germany, Assia
Germany, Assia

In the German region, Assia took place the regional elections and the results are not very favorable to the chancellor. In fact his party, CDU (Christian Democratic Union.), has lost 10 points. This happens after the last defeat, which took place in Bavaria, where they have 37.4% of the votes. This figure is down 12% from 4 years ago, when there were the last elections.

what did Angela Merkel say?

The chancellor has said, during a news conference today in Berlin, that she will leave any kind of office and will not try to take any of them at European level. These are the words:

“this fourth term is my last term as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the next Bundestag election in 2021, I will not run again as Chancellor. I will not run for the German Bundestag any more, and I do not want any other political office.”

He also said that there is a greater government fragility than once and she is not sure that it will last until the end of the mandate. Given that his ally, the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) could come out for the alliance and bring down the majority. In fact, the shadow of future elections becomes more and more tangible.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel


Angela Merkel became the German chancellor in 2005, the first woman in German history. Successively he managed to beat the record of 4 mandates in a row, hard to beat. He has also been president of the Cdu for 18 years, since 2000.

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

who will succeed her?

With the end of his political career at the end of the government mandate in 2021 and the non-candidacy for the presidency of the CDU, the race officially opens to take her place as party secretary and all his future commitments and positions.
There would be 2 contenders: probably the former leader of the CDU (reported by the newspaper Dpa, according to sources inside the party) Friedrich Merz and the current secretary general of the CDU, Hermann Gröhe.


Who will win 2? How long will the current government last? Who will be the next to cancel?

World’s largest underwater restaurant.

Five meters below the surface of the North Sea, near the southernmost tip of Norway, Europe’s first underwater restaurant is nearing completion. The 110-foot long structure, an oblique concrete slab that looks like a sunken periscope, was submerged in July 2018 and work is now underway to complete the interiors, in anticipation of the public opening in spring 2019.
The restaurant, called Under, is the design of Norwegian outfit Snøhetta, which has made a name for itself with projects such as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, the Oslo Opera House, the National September 11 Memorial Pavilion and the renovation of Times Square in New York.
When finished, the structure will accommodate about 100 guests with a total internal area of about 500 square meters (5,300 square feet) set over three levels, offering unique underwater views of the surrounding marine environment through a 11-meter (36 feet) wide panoramic window.

Under goes under.

The restaurant was built in about six months on a barge near the coast, then towed into position about 600 feet away with a heavy-lift vessel. To submerge the structure, containers filled with water were placed inside, before securing it to the sea floor with a total of 18 anchoring points.
More than half of the structure is submerged, and guests will gain access through a glass walkway that will bridge the gap between the coast and the entrance, which will be at shore level.
Under is made of reinforced concrete, to withstand the harsh conditions found in this spot of the Norwegian coastline. “The first problem is water pressure, as we’re five meters (16 feet) below the surface, but the biggest challenge is the waves. Wind and waves are extreme here. To withstand all these forces, the building is slightly curved, so it can better take to the waves, and it’s thick: half a meter (1.6 feet) for the concrete and about 30 centimeters (1 foot) for the acrylic windows”.


The decision to position the restaurant in an area battered by the elements was deliberate. “When the client came to us, they had already done some sketches on another site close to current one, but we convinced them to build a few hundred meters away, where the sea is actually rougher. We thought this would better capture the nature of the area and I think that’s also what makes this more spectacular compared to other underwater restaurants in the world, as they are in very controlled areas”.


The client, developers Gaute and Stig Ubostad, also operates a hotel a short distance from the restaurant. They both sit in the Lindesnes region, home to Norway’s oldest lighthouse, a popular tourist attraction located at the southernmost tip of of the mainland. Getting here isn’t too easy: the best way is to hop on a short flight from Oslo to Kristiansand, the closest airport, which is about an hour’s drive away.
The design of the structure was also subject to several revisions. “Initially, we spent a lot of time on very complicated designs, but after a long discussion and many different models we ended up doing things in a much simpler way. It’s just a concrete tube that brings people from the land down to the sea, it’s so simple.

A light touch.

To guarantee the safety of the guests, an analysis has been performed to study the propagation and load of the waves, and the 2,500-ton structure is designed to withstand the most extreme events. The data will also be fed back to visiting research teams that study marine biology and fish behavior. Work has been done to restore the conditions that were in place prior to the disturbance created by submerging the structure, and the concrete shell is designed to invite mussels to cling onto it and blend into the surrounding nature.
The tasting menu, created by Danish head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen, is still under wraps but will rely heavily on local seafood, although mushrooms, berries, various seabirds and wild sheep from the surrounding landscape will also be on offer.
From the main window in the dining area, which is 4 meters (13 feet) tall, guests will be able to observe a variety of fish and sea creatures including seals and lobsters. Crucial to this view is the lighting, which has been carefully designed for both the interior and the sandbank just outside. “Outside lighting is very important because in the wintertime and in the evenings it will be dark, and without any light you would just see the reflection of the restaurant on the window”.
Interior lighting is muted and discreet to avoid such reflections, and colors are chosen accordingly, with oak wood and fabric covering the walls to avoid glaring white spots.
“It’s a magic feeling to be down in a big room like this and see out into the sea through the huge window And what’s surprising is that some of the renderings we did illustrate very closely what it’s going to be like,” said Grasdal.
The restaurant is accepting reservations starting in April 2019, although availability is already limited well into the summer.
The best way to plan a visit is looking at the weather forecast. “The most exciting experience will be visiting the restaurant during rough weather. It will be fantastic to see the sea surface broken up by the big waves and the rain, making for a very dramatic view although you will still feel safe and relaxed inside the restaurant.”

The world’s tallest statue: “The Statue of Unity”.

India is set to unveil next week, the towering figure of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a popular political and social leader, who was part of the freedom struggle that resulted in India’s independence from British colonial rule in 1947.
Looming 182 meters (597 feet) above the Narmada River in the western Indian state of Gujarat, the statue is set to be unveiled on October 31, revealing a figure molded from approximately 1,850 metric tons of bronze.
“In the world, people talk about America’s Statue of Liberty. We want to make a statue of Sardar Patel at twice the size of the statue of Liberty,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2013. The Statue of Liberty is 93 meters high, including its pedestal.
Mondi in 2010, when he was the chief minister for the state of Gujarat, announced The Statue of Unity. Built with funds allocated by the Gujarat state government, it has also received support from the federal government and individual contributions.
Estimated to cost over $410 million, the committee overseeing the construction asked for the public donations to finish the statue. Modi called on farmers across the country to donate iron.
Images show Indian workers putting the final touches on the statue of Patel, who’s wearing a shirt, shawl and loincloth with detailed folds. Promoted as a dream that Modi is keen to fulfill in his first term as Prime Minister, the project includes a museum, research and entertainment center. They have also set up a 3-star hotel in a complex nearby.
The Statue of Unity is not the only one that is waiting to break records. A new statue dedicated to a famous Maharashtrian warrior, Shivaji, is being built in the Arabian ocean, just off the coast of Mumbai.
Set to reach a height of 212 meters, this new statue could upstage Modi’s dream project.

Galaxy S10, edge-to-edge screen and 5G connection

The korean society, Samsung will present at MWC 2019 the Galaxy S10, between February 25 and 28. There will be three models. This is the most important mobile phone show in the world. Approximately 50,000-60,000 people are expected in Barcelona, venue of the fair.

Mobile World Congress 2019
Mobile World Congress 2019


Samsung will offer his model spearhead, in three type of models:

Galaxy S10 (basic version)

Samsung Galaxy S10 (photo from Ice universe)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (photo from Ice universe)
  • 5.8 inch Super AMOLED display

-Cost: there aren’t leaks but probably, due to the high technology and that there is a low-cost version, they have the “excuse” to raise the price: $719.99 / £739 / AU$1,199 (plus version).        

Galaxy S10 Plus (plus version)

Galaxy S10 models concept
Galaxy S10 models concept

5.8-inch Super AMOLED display/Super AMOLED 4K

-The cost probably will be higher than the initial price of the Galaxy S9 Plus:

Galaxy S10 E (low cost version)

The leaks told us in the past that the name was Galaxy Lite instead of the real name Galaxy S10 E, which surprise the a lot of people.

Samsung Galaxy S10 E
Samsung Galaxy S10 E

-5.8-inch Super AMOLED display

-There are no type of leaks about the price of this model but for sure it will be lower than the other models.

Galaxy S10 – Features

The model S10 and S10 E will have an 5.8-inch Super Amoled display and instead the S10 Plus a 6.44-inch Super Amoled display and a triple rear camera.

All three models will have the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150. It will be also (probably) the first phone to support 5G, we know all this thanks to the partnership signed by Qualcomm and Samsung for 5G.                                                                                       The new model S10 will have also a 8GB RAM and and of higher quality. This because it have a data rate about 6,400 megabits per second, so it’s 1,5 seconds faster.

Galaxy S10 – Design

The South Korean house chose to put on all the Galaxy S10 a edge to edge screen, in fact the screen-body ratio to 93%. So there will be ultrasonic sensor for fingerprint recognition and the front-facing camera will be under the screen or built in the little space beettwen the end of the phone. Always the camera, will be equipped with 3D detectors when first relied only on 2D, much less secure. For example, if you want to unlock the phone with your face, now becomes safer.

Hole leaks

If you have looked around the internet, there are some leaks, photo that show the S10 models with a little hole at the top right of the screen. It can be, but there is less probabily that this happen. Becuase maybe Samsung do not want to seems like to the new Huawei Nova 4, which even it has a hole or for other reason that only they know. For example it could be too complicate, expensive or the audience would not like it.

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ with a hole
Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ with a hole
Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 E with a hole
Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 E with a hole