EU, we will abolish daylight saving time clock

  • Abolish daylight saving time
  • Niente cambi d’ora durante l’anno
  • Every country will choose if adopt this new change

An online conspiracy of the EU broke the record with 4.6 million responses (many from Northern Europe) and 84% said they were in favor of the abolition of summer time.

After this survey, the European Commission will propose to abolish the summer time but every single state will be able to choose whether to keep it or not, even if it risks creating a great confusion.


  • Less stress: there will be a reduction in heart attacks (+ 4% with daylight saving time) and all illnesses related to stress or lack of sleep


  • Lower consumption of electricity, from 2004 to 2017 saved about 8 billion, with savings for citizens of 1 billion and 435 million euros.

Minister of Interior of Italy, Salvini:

The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini sails against Europe that: “works hard to eliminate the summer time, but does not care to work to finally get a legal immigration” and moreover “the Italians pay billions to change the hands to the clocks … ”

Tweet di Salvini
Tweet of Salvini

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