The new Galaxy X will be presented to the MWC

The possibility that the South Korean house, launches a new top of the range like the Galaxy S10 is begins to materialize. we are talking of the new folding smartphone, Galaxy X.

It all starts with the picture of the Samsung logo folded on itself, on the official Facebook page.


Samsung will release the folding smartphone in February, during the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Spain, Barcelona. After that the South Korean house will start the sales on April of the same year.


An analyst from the Korean Times states that the new folding smartphone will cost around $ 1,850. Almost double the current cost of the Iphone Xs $ 999. Probably  as a result of the new technology or on the other hand they have raised the price soaring, using the innovative technology as an excuse too if the production cost isn’t so high related to the final price


Galaxy X
Galaxy X


  • Oled Screen 4K
  • 7.3 inches open
  • 4.5 inches folded
  • $1850

From this video from the youtube channel, Conceptsiphone


The new smartphone will most likely be called Galaxy X but turn several voices that could be a final F, the reason? maybe it’s for folding? In conclusion, we are not aware of it for now.

Folding iPhone

according to a report by a bank analyst Merrill Lynch Wamsi Mohan, Cupertino should release a foldable iphone model in about 2020. Therefore they will probably creat a “rolled up” or folded like the (maybe) the Galaxy X   


Always a South Korean company, LG has a great presence regard to the production of folding panels, being one of the main producers.
In addition, it is a company that has filed several patents with LG DIsplay (88), behind it is Samsung Display (80).
To sum up, South Korea is becoming more and more powerful reguarding the future of folding smarphones and more.

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