Instagram “accidental” update, why people are freaking out

On Thursday, Instagram “accidental” update it’s social network app, with its 1 billion monthly active users. The Instagram update completely change  the way we use it. Because we are accustomed to navigate through the post, the feed with an vertical swipe. In contrast, with the “accidental” (quotation marks explained below) update, to navigate through the feed you have to swipe horrizontal, like in the photo here below. 

Instagram bug

This Instagram update, was a bug. In fact, according to the social app and Adam mossori this update was’t programmed to be release so early and to so much people. Becuase, when Instagram want to release an update in the future, before they let a small amount of people trying it. Seems like they expanded the “trial” Instagram update to everybody.

Furthermore, a spokesperson Instagram told to TechCrunch that, for responding to the critics that:

“We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,”

“accidental” update

Probably, this “accidental” update wasn’t so an error by Instagram. For the reason that maybe it is just a way to prepare it’s users to this shocking update.                             Furthermore if and when Instagram will release this update the time we spent on switching through ours feed will decrease. For the reason that we will no more see the white horizontal line that separated the various posts but one post after another thus increasing the post totals we see. so, more visualizations of pubblicity and more big data collections.                                   As a result, more profit for the society.

Reaction of the public to the Instagram update

Seems like the community of Instagram, didn’t like so much the new update, a little bit like Youtube rewind 2018 😉

For example the Swedish singer, Zara Larsson:

Hayes Brown, the Deputy World News editor

The writer Ziwe

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