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NASA choose 9 private companies for return to the Moon

 That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Almost 50 years have passed since that day, and now the governmental agency, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) wants to return the man to the moon.                                                                                             due to this, it’s goal is to return to the moon and stay there. So consequently, in order to achieve this objective, they will first of all cite an orbiting space station similar to the current ISS, but will orbit around our satellite. Furthermore they are gonna build, by the first half of 2030, a permanent basis on the Moon. So, humans will be able to live there for a prolonged time.

Private companies

American astronaut
American astronaut

To accomplish these goals, NASA has selected 9 private companies:

  •  Lockheed Martin
  • Astrobotic, Moon Express
  • Masten Space Systems
  • Deep Space Systems
  • Draper, Firefly Aerospace
  • Intuitive Machines
  • Orbit Beyond

NASA‘s plan is to give a great impulse to the American aerospace sector. So, the SMD (Science Mission Directorate) of NASA, selected some society USA, base on their potential and not on their knowledge and economy “power”. Consequently the Jeff Bezos’s and Elon Musk’s companies, (Blue Origin and SpaceX) they have not been chosen. For the reason that they are already strong and well established in the industry and with a growing business. In contrast the other’s need a boost for become a big. Indeed, some of there 9 society has never did a launch in the space.

These companies will be in constant competition with each other to be chosen by NASA. This is because every mission that will be made will be committed to one of these societies, not all of them.

Initially they are gonna compete to send technological and scientific tools. Certainly NASA will work with the 9 companies proposing CLP contracts (Commercial Lunar Payload Services).



People connected to the 9 companies
People connected to the 9 companies

NASA’s agenda for 2018

The agenda of NASA is full of new missions, from the delivery of a robot on the Mars surface to the Solar Park Probe that will fly closer than ever before to the Sun. Furthermore, here below you can watch a video on the NASA’s agenda, posted on their official Youtube channel.




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