River Plate: the Libertadores is yours!!

River Boca: summary of tragic events.

The game sees a more proactive Boca Juniors in the first minutes: Pablo Perez half-turned over immediately commits Franco Armani, but the Argentine national team is ready.

The River tries to baste the maneuver and raises the center of gravity: madness, because on the restart Boca with two touches is lethal.

Nahitan Nandez launches with an assist worthy of the ticket price Dario Benedetto, who with a beautiful touch makes out the last defender and leans with icy coldness behind Armani. Deadly counterattack and Boca Junior took the lead in the 41st minute: needless to say that the Bernabeu is a Dantesque pit. Deserved the advantage of Boca that showed more spirit and conviction.

At 67 ‘comes the draw of the River, all to be redone for Boca. The goal has the merit of making the game again balanced. However, with the passing of the minutes, fear has the upper hand and without notable occasions we go to extra time.

And it is in fact in the second extra time that the River with the new entry Quintero finds the goal that makes the Bernabeu explode. Finally, the coup de grace of the River could not be missing, which at the 121 ‘find the decisive goal before the triple whistle.

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River-Boca: news and decisions

River-Boca, the day everyone was waiting for. But no, it has not been played. Because of the pre-match unrest. The attack on the Boca bus, the players hit by the stinging gas launched by the police to disperse the crowd. In short, chaos. But let’s try to put order and try to understand what happened.


The moment of the River Plate fans attacked the Boca bus:



The Alarm

Boca arrives at the stadium, and it soon becomes clear that there are no conditions to play at the scheduled time. Tevez is not well others vomit in the locker room.


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