Cristiano Ronaldo

The Tax billets on CR7

The case was closed between Ronaldo and the Spanish tax authorities.

In the life of Cristiano Ronaldo there are not only family, training and goals but also legal processes, which have been going on for years, difficult to forget. One of these cases and, perhaps, the most noisy of all (since the crimes date back to the period between 2011 and 2014) is that of tax evasion; however, apparently we have finally reached an agreement. It was approved by the Hacienda and provides a fine of 19 million and 2 years in prison: the latter sentence is suspended in exchange for the declaration of guilt.

Risultati immagini per cr7 fisco

A discount for CR7.

The Spanish tax office subsequently reduced the fine to Cristiano Ronaldo and was reduced from 18.8 million to 16.7.

The Spanish Tax Agency has recognized to CR7 that it has paid VAT in Spain for the sale of its image rights to two Asian companies of Peter Lim, owner of Valencia.

Therefore, the fine has been reduced: Ronaldo has already paid about 14 million and should soon close the issue, paying the last millions foreseen by the sentence.

Risultati immagini per cr7 fisco

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