Tiger Woods in Atlanta at the tour championship

Tiger Woods, first at the Tour Championship in Atlanta

At the Tour Championship in Atlanta, Tiger Woods is first with 54 holes and 3 points of superiority compared to opponents Rose and McIlroy.

Tiger does not win a PGA Tour event from 2013, when he won it at Bridgestone Invitational (5 years ago).

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods


Tiger has lived several dark moments in his life, for example when he made a highway accident in Florida. Many think the accidents happened after his wife found out that he had betrayed her. Another another episode occurs  in Jupiter, Florida on May 29, 2017 when he was arrested and then released on bail for drink driving.

He also did 4 back operations and to realize the situations, if someone had told him one year ago that today he would have been at the head of the Tour Championship he wouldn’t have believed it.

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