Jonh McCain

Usa, John McCain is dead

The Republican Senator John McCain leaves us at the age of 81. Taking him away was a brain tumor that he had been fighting for years; the death occurred in Cornville, Arizona at 16.28 minutes on august 25.


Relations between the two were never good, for example when McCain prevented Trump from smashing the Obamacare.

Tweet di Trump
Tweet of Trump

Melania Trump instead thanked him with the following tweet: “Thank Senator McCain for his service to the country”.


Former President Obama also condolences the senator by attaching a text explaining the differences between them but sharing ideals:

Tweet di Obama
Tweet of Obama

The former President George W. Bush, who beat McCain in 2000 and then supported him against Obama in 2008, writes: “a man of deep conviction and a patriot at the highest levels”.

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