Xiaomi's foldable phone

Xiaomi, the co-founder shows the new folding phone

The co-founder of the Chinese company, Xiaomi, has been on a video where he shows off the new folding phone of the company. We do not

We do not know yet if this model will be released on the market and wyen. Homewere, semmes like if it is gonna be in the late 2019


The Chinese company, must keep attention not to be outdated by the others competitors, like Samsung and LG. Because, they have just anounced a folding phone. Homewere, Xiaomi has a very high possibility of investment respect to the others company and maybe it is too further on this sector.

Xiami- First models

The initial folding model will have a very high cost. Due to the fact the this is a new technology and not very developed.

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