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Youtube Rewind 2018 is the second most disliked video of ever

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Towards the end of each year, Youtube publishes a 7-8 minute video in which it summarizes the major moments of the year. So the most watched videos, the youtuber that have grown more, amateur videos of poor quality but that generated a great fanfare. This tradition takes place since far 2010, when the first Youtube Rewind was published.

Youtube Rewind 2018 has reached the enormous number of 7.2 million dislike against the 2 million likes at the time of writing.
This is the second video ever released on this platform by number of dislike. Only the music video of the song by Justin Bieber of 2010 has been able to do better. The beauty of 9,7 million dislike even if it counts on 10 million likes, which is different than the Rewiend’s video. Further, Justin’s video takes 8 years to achieve this “great” goal instead Rewiend just three day!

                  Pewdiepie’s reaction

The youtuber with more members in the world, Pewdiepie
The youtuber with more members in the world, Pewdiepie

The absence of the youtuber with more subscribers than ever has caused a sensation. The Swedish Felix Kjellberg, at the time 75,7 million subscribers.
For a few months he has been in extreme competition with the channel of an Indian corporation in the Bollywood sector. Because T-series, the Indian channel has tried to unseat the field being charged. So you can become the first channel for subscribers. Although for now always that Pewdiepie has rejected the attack.
However, Felix did not hide the displeasure of not being invited, like last year.

With these very bitter words, he talks about how Rewiend no longer represents the key moments of a year as it once was: 

I remember Rewind, it was something cool to be a part of

 So disconnected with the community and its creators

If you are curious, here there are he major absences:

  •  Pewdiepie
  • T-series
  •  Ksi
  • Logan Paul
  • Jake Paul
  •  Comedyshortgamer
  • Joe Weller- Colleen Ballinger
  • Joe Sugg- and a lot of other absences

On the other hand there are somebody that think Youtube Rewind 2018 was a great video. This because you will never make it to put all the artists in a single video that does not last too long. For example, in his defense the youtuber TomSka, with 5 million subscribers.

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